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IRS Levies

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Most of the “tax firms” DO NOT actually employ tax lawyers within their firm. The sad fact is THEY LIE! That’s why their websites DO NOT list any licensed individual by name. Many of these firms are no more than marketing companies with high-pressure salespeople. Fortunately for you, JG Associates has qualified personnel (read more). Our “Dream Team” possesses inside knowledge of the IRS. At the same time, JG Associates is always honest. Our clients are treated like family. In a world where not all tax firms are ethical, you can depend on JG Associates.

Don’t Become a Victim!
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The Top 5 MISLEADING CLAIMS That Most Tax Firms Guarantee their Clients over the Phone: 

  1. They will have your penalties waived!
  2. Stop IRS Wage Garnishments, Bank Levies etc. actions immediately!
  3. Minimal down payment or small monthly payments and everything will be done for you immediately!
  4. They are rated by the Better Business Bureau!
  5. Have highly experienced professionals working for them!

But when you read their contract, it is completely different than what they tell clients verbally.

Click here to learn why these are lies!

            Unlike tax attorneys, JG Associates will never tell you anything that is different from what’s in the contract.

For your convenience, we have listed some companies you may come across in your search for representation which shows their number of BBB complaints.

IRS Levies Testimonials

“I am writing to express my thanks to JG Associates for their help in my tax issue. I found JG Associates with an internet search and never regretted it. When I called, the IRS was going to levy my wages and I was in despair. At the time, I had been working with another firm on resolving my tax issue. But after nearly 3 years of working on it, I was still at ground zero. Then there is JG Associates.

The professional team never made me a pie in the sky promise or misrepresented themselves at any part of our working relationship. They stopped my wage garnishment in just a couple days. Then we worked on setting up a payment plan. After explaining my situation, it was determined that an Offer In Compromise was not in my best interest. Once the payment plan was set up, I decided that I was going to have to file bankruptcy. I found a wonderful lawyer who helped me out. Eventually, the IRS released me of any and all debts owed to them. I was shocked and overjoyed. Thanks to the patience and guidance of JG Associates, I was able to get the ship upright. I have a fresh start.”

Daniel T. | Eugene, OR
“I hired JG Associates when my bank account was levied with $3,500 given to the IRS. When JG Associates contacted them to verify my status, they found out that I had not filed tax returns in 5 years. Also, we were told by the agent that a wage garnishment was going out to my employer. I didn’t even know about it. Thankfully, JG Associates was able to secure a hold on the garnishment order. That allowed me enough to get into compliance and in a payment plan. JG Associates prepared all 5 years of my tax returns in just 3 days after receiving my filing information. At the same time, they successfully negotiated an installment payment plan which stopped any further collection action by the IRS. Thank goodness I found JG Associates on Google.”
Bill T. | Philadelphia, PA
“I hadn’t slept in almost a week. At the same time, I couldn’t eat and was too stressed to even leave the house. The IRS was garnishing my wages and levied my bank account. I had no money to pay my rent and I thought I was doomed thanks to the IRS levy causing hardship. But after a simple phone call to JG Associates, I felt like there was a light at the end of the tunnel. The knowledgeable rep at JG Associates educated me on the process that led up to my wage garnishment and levy, as well as how they were going to fix it. Their office worked very quickly to gather all of my information and get to work. Before the end of the week, my garnishment and levy were lifted. Jeff knew exactly how to stop a tax levy. He even spoke to the IRS and set me up on an affordable payment plan. Now I can rest easy again. Thanks Jeff and everyone at JG Associates. You saved my life!”
Carol U. | Bellevue, WA
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